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About me...

Sophie Boyce Writer - Screen and Musical Theatre

Writing about oneself is harder than writing a bunch of kickass characters, but let's give this a shot.

I was born and raised in England and spent my childhood years writing and directing my own feature films... the sheer obnoxiousness of which is best chronicled here.

My adult career started in the Writers Room of the BAFTA-Award-Winning TV series 'Skins', and at 21 I founded the Musical Theatre Company Spirit YPC, which under my direction has generated over 100 million online viewers for our MT performances.

My time is now dedicated to writing for musical theatre, where I'm most interested in writing larger-than-life women who shock, stir and delight, and stories that move audiences as much as entertain them.


I'm currently between New York and London, having a wonderful time in NYU's Graduate Musical Theatre Writing program. 

But life is short and reading is for nerds, so that's enough about me. You'll have more fun listening to some songs here.

About Me

Follow the journey of this new musical,

currently in development.


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White Sheet

I'm based in New York and London. I like chats over wine or coffee or zoom. You can drop me a line below...

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