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I was born and raised in England and spent my childhood years writing and directing my own feature films... the sheer obnoxiousness of which is best chronicled here.

Nowadays I live between New York and London writing for musical theatre, and in the last year I have been honoured as Winner of the Eugene O'Neill National Musical Theatre Conference, Finalist for the Kleban Prize, the Stiles & Drewe Best New Song Award, Write Out Loud and 'Best of the Fest' at New York Theatre Festival.

I'm most interested in writing larger-than-life women who shock, stir and delight, and stories that move and entertain audiences in equal measure.

Other things: I was a member of the Writers Room of the BAFTA-Award-Winning TV series 'Skins', I am the Founder/Director of Spirit YPC, which under my direction has attracted over 100 million online viewers for our MT performances, I am a member of the BMI Bookwriting Workshop, and I have an MFA in Musical Theatre Writing from NYU.

The structure of this was all over the place. But rest assured I am better at writing scripts than I am at writing bios.

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New Musical in Development.

The year is 1583 and Emilia Bassano is crafting the most remarkable stories that the world will ever see. But women are not permitted to write plays. And so theatre's greatest characters stand to be lost in the abyss.

That is until a deal is struck, with the stableboy William Shakespeare...

Written by Sophie Boyce & Veronica Mansour.

Developed at Eugene O'Neill's 2023 National Musical Theatre Conference.

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Youtube Thumbnail Top 5 Ways To Make Money (5).png



New Musical in Development.

Inspired by true events, this is the story of the Forty Elephants; London's notorious all-woman crime-ring.


Much like it's leading ladies, this musical is irreverent, raunchy and unapologetic. It's a show that celebrates women's rights... but even more so, women's wrongs.

Written by Sophie Boyce & Einar Adalsteinsson.

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I'm based in NYC and London and I like chats over wine or coffee or zoom. 

Rachel Ellicott, Paradigm Agency  (


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